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Our Story

Gilles and Mikael both share a challenging cancer experience within their family. Mikael lost his mom when he was young and recently lost his aunt to the same cancer. Gilles was affected by his brother’s diagnosis several years ago. Mikael struggled to stay in touch with his aunt because of the distance and decided to respond to this challenge with an app to improve support for patients. These personal stories inspired us to take action to improve the lives of people living with cancer.

Cancer is a global problem and new cases are on the rise. Worldwide, 18M people will be diagnosed with cancer in 2018 alone. Studies show that 1 in 4 patients lack support from family and friends.

Careviz is a free app that regroups the resources needed during and after treatment. It connects patients with loved ones and the wider patient community, provides a way to keep track of symptoms over time, and offers the possibility to purchase wellbeing products that have been helpful to other patients.

At Careviz, we believe technology can be used to create meaningful social impact. Our mission is to improve the quality of life of cancer patients and their loved ones. The Careviz app can help transform the way we relate to people living with cancer. We believe that with the right support, Careviz has the potential to improve the lives of millions affected by cancer worldwide.

GillesMikael Careviz Founders
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Find more support

Engage with the community

Feel more in control

Use symptom monitoring tools

Improve quality of life

Find wellbeing items on our store

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"My family and friends abroad provide me with support online"

Shelby - cancer survivor

The Careviz App

Find tips and information

Monitor your symptoms

Ask our chatbot assistant for help

Stay in touch with your loved ones

Find wellbeing products


Pain point
“I am lacking support during my treatment.��

Provide more support to patients.

We connect patients together via groups and discussions. Share your experiences and useful tips with others who are going through similar difficulties.

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Pain point
“I struggle to remember details about my health during doctor visits.��

Monitoring your symptoms in a daily journal.

A 2017 clinical study found that patients who regularly reported their symptoms were likely to live longer. Our tools help show trends and communicate problems with your doctor.

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Jane (Chatbot)

Pain point
“I need help to record my symptoms during treatment.��

Asking Jane for help with information and app navigation.

Jane helps you track symptoms and find information. As you monitor your health more regularly she can deliver more accurate suggestions.

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Pain point
“It’s difficult to update family and friends who are long distance.��

Connect with your family and friends in a safe environment.

Start a private conversation with your family or a new discussion with other patients to share important moments with the people who matter most to you.

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Pain point
“It’s hard to find products that are suited to my needs.��

Find wellbeing products to improve your comfort.

The Careviz store offers products that improve wellbeing (e.g. books, clothes, gifts, etc.). They are reviewed by the community for their usefulness and quality.

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Wellbeing Store

We select products that aim to improve comfort and wellbeing.
These items are reviewed by our community for their benefits and quality.

Find tips for a healthy routine

Learn from stories and experts

Be more comfortable

Find informative videos

Helping you feel a little better

Keep the pain away

Sleep better to recover your strength

Find products to cope with skin issues

Find hair products to fit your needs

Find a gift for that special person

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Careviz team

Mikael Metthey
Co-founder & CEO

User experience design for mobile digital products

Gilles Martinez
Co-founder & COO

MBA, customer experience and supply chain in healthcare

Vincent Rebers

Mobile Apps & IoT Experiences Development

Alexandre Dechosal
Front-end developer

Website and app development

Key advisors

Miguel Quintana Ph.D
Healthcare advisor

Founder at Mindfulnets

Celine Angelakov
Medical advisor

Oncological surgeon

Herculano Campos
Technical advisor

Designer and product manager

David Masó
Business advisor

CEO and Co-founder at PromoFarma

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"You don't have to face cancer alone"

The Careviz Team


How does Careviz work?

Careviz is a secure platform that makes it easier for patients to share their journey with relatives and connect with people with similar conditions through the community.

Our members use tools to feel more connected and in control. They also have access to wellbeing products on our store.

Careviz can be used privately or publicly. The private side lets users connect with loved ones and the public side is open for patients to meet people who offer their support.

As a patient, you can choose to be in a private conversation with your family or start a new discussion with other members.

Why did we build this app?

There are 16 million new cases of cancer every year worldwide. This is predicted to rise over the coming years.

Many cancer patients are fortunate to be surrounded by their loved ones but for many people it’s a very isolating experience.

The right support can measurably improve patient’s condition and provide a sense of control over their treatment.

Today, many organisations support people online but we see a missed opportunity to offer an outstanding patient experience and to regroup the right people and resources.

This is where Careviz tries to make a positive difference.

From a more personal view, both Careviz founders experienced cancer through their families and were inspired to take action.

Why an app dedicated to cancer?

Cancer patients need better support and tools to make their journey easier.

Having a dedicated network offers a space for sympathetic people to offer their support and improve the wellbeing of cancer patients across the world.

Currently, finding support and resources online can be difficult. The internet offers a lot of information with various levels of reliability.

We want to put patients in the driving seat of their treatment by offering simple tools to communicate and monitor their health.

What are the benefits of Careviz?

Some patients want to avoid large social networks because they don’t want cancer to mix with their lives and become their defining social feature. Others think they are too public or they don’t trust it to hold data about themselves.

Many of the patients and families we spoke with told us that it can feel big and impersonal.

Patients can find many groups on social media but it can be difficult to engage with them especially if you are not a patient.

Current messaging apps are a great communication tool but they lack the features to manage the timely aspects of cancer treatment (e.g. appointments, visits, self-tracking, etc).

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